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Chemistry Consulting

Will Pearson is an experienced consultant in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries, especially in the areas of synthetic and heterocyclic organic chemistry as applied to drugs that are entering the pipeline.  He offers consulting services in all aspects of organic chemistry and specializes in synthetic organic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, nucleic acids, nucleosides, carbohydrates, dyes, fluorescent molecules, optical sensors/reporters, and the synthesis and purification of oligonucleotides (DNA and RNA). 

Small company support

Will has a particular interest in supporting the efforts of small companies in the biotech, drug discovery, and chemistry fields.  His 25+ years of experience as a professor, consultant, fundraiser, and small company executive in chemically-related fields makes him well-suited for assisting small companies with IP, planning and executing chemistry, obtaining grant funding, working with investors, exploring new directions, crafting publications and presentations, and optimizing the human component of the small company endeavor.

Legal Consulting

Will Pearson is an experienced consultant in the legal domain, offering expert services in the field of organic chemistry and related areas.  

"I recently worked with Will to prepare several expert declarations for submission to the USPTO.  I found Will to be smart, personable, and very easy to work with.  He had a no-nonsense approach that helped us identify and attack the critical weaknesses in the opposition's arguments.  Will was efficient and thorough, and I'd gladly retain him again in future matters."
– M.H., Chicago Attorney

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • organic chemistry

  • synthetic organic chemistry

  • pharmaceuticals

  • agricultural chemicals

  • heterocyclic chemistry

  • nucleic acids

  • synthesis & purification of DNA/RNA

  • oligonucleotides

  • carbohydrates

  • dyes

  • fluorescent molecules

  • quenchers of fluorescence

  • optical sensors/reporters

  • alkaloids

  • anticancer compounds

  • fluorine-containing compounds

  • physical organic chemistry

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